Embryolab Fertility Clinic, voted one of the top fertility clinics in Europe, offers experts’ private evaluations on fertility issues on April 3rd and April 4th, 2020. To arrange a free 30 min. LIVE-online, consultation please fill out the details below. 

Friday, April 3rd from 9.00am – 18.30pm 
Saturday, April 4th from 9.00am – 18.30pm 

Responsibly and on the basis of the current developments, Embryolab conforms with the proposals of the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) and the National Authority for Medical Assisted Reproductive Health MARS, regarding the Covid-19 coronavirus infection.

In the links below, you can read more about:
The Announcement MARS http://eaiya.gov.gr/covid-19/
The ESHRE Announcement https://www.eshre.eu/Press-Room/ESHRE-News#CoronaStatement27feb

We continue our communication and IVF preparation so that with the appropriate medical guidance we can utilize the time ahead and together ensure the best possible results on your treatment.

Continuously investing in state of the art technology and focusing on tailor made protocols based on a very detailed pretreatment screening, we achieve to design the best treatment plan for you and maximize your chances for a full term pregnancy.

For us it is all about changing lives, creating families.

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What’s the process for booking an appointment?

Once you fill in the form, one of our experienced fertility coordinators will contact you and guide you through the process. Please also check your emails in the spam folder.

What to expect from this appointment?

  • Investigate thoroughly your medical history.
  • Discuss with the doctor present the ideal treatment plan for you.
  • Receive a detailed official medical order regarding your pre-treatment screening.
  • Receive all necessary information regarding the total cost and the planning of your treatment from your assigned personal coordinator who will also be present.
  • Get answers to all clarifications you may need.

How much does an initial consultation cost?

It is free of charge.

Does my partner need to attend appointments too?

It is preferable but not mandatory.

Please help us assist you on time. Kindly confirm your availability and update us of any delay or cancellation on your appointment.

We will be happy to assist you further. Please call us for any further enquiry you may have:


“My husband and I wanted to take a few minutes to express our gratitude to Embryolab and speak about our wonderful experience there. We live in Manchester and were introduced to the idea of IVF in Greece through several online forums. We were a little hesitant at first, but after we contacted Embryolab, we were given a free consultation, in the following weeks with the doctor himself. During our consult it was quite apparent that we were in good hands. Both the doctor and the coordinator, made us feel at ease and optimistic about the process. We decided to receive all of our medical care while abroad; medications, ultra-scans, blood-work, etc. and the IVF procedure itself. Immediately upon arrival, we were treated with the highest level of respect. During our time at Embryolab we felt truly cared for. We are now happy to announce that after one cycle we are pregnant with fraternal twins! We have been recommending Embryolab to our friends and family who are struggling with infertility. Our doctor, Margarita, our coordinator and the rest of the staff are still in my thoughts to this day. What an amazing experience they gave us and granted our wish of starting our own family!”


“I met the team in one of the consultation trips they organized in the UK, last November. They were very explicit explaining the whole procedure and costs, after going through a thorough investigation of our medical history. The atmosphere was really relaxed and both the doctor and the coordinator made us feel so positive and supported.

We organized a trip to the Clinic on a weekend, where we did most of the tests, the whole pretreatment planning and we even bought all medications needed (far less expensive and hassle free than if we were to get them in the UK). Everything was planned ahead of time from their International Department.

There were many things about the way the whole clinic is set up that made the whole process very positive including prescheduled and on time appointments, regular face to face meetings with our consultant, practicing the embryo transfer process prior to treatment, the relaxed environment and the calm and measured staff. Cumulatively, these features reinforced the feeling of being treated as individuals rather than being lumped onto a conveyor belt.

We are now pregnant and anxiously waiting to hold our bundle of joy. It was really moving the reaction of the whole team once we announced the positive pregnancy test. We are still in contact with them. “We’re in this together” our coordinator kept telling us. Absolutely so true…”

Artemis Karkanaki
MD, MSc, PGCert, PhD
Gynecologist in Assisted Reproduction see the CV

Margarita Doumpogia
International IVF Coordinator
see the CV